5000 kg/h PET Botle Recycling Line In Algeria

The Plastic Washing line is the part of the recycling process that cleans and prepares plastic botles and containers for reprocesing. The line typicallconsisits of a series of conveyor belts, brushes, and other cleaning equipment that remove contaminants like dit, labels, and caps from the botles.What is the importance of the PET Botle Washing Line?How […]

3000 kg/h PET Bottle Recycling Line In Korea

PE PP Film Washing Recycling line, HDPE milk Bottle Washing Recycling Line, Rigid PP/PP bucket, drum, container Washing Recycling line, PVC Recycling line, HDPE Pipe Recycling Line, the waste plastic after sorting, crushing, washing, dewatering, drying, collecting will turn to be clean plastic pieces/flakes for further treatment or reuse. We have obtained more than 20 […]